Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Break!

Hope that everyone is enjoying their time off as much as we are!!  We love spending time with our families and being able to rest up from school.  One of the things that we wanted to share that we enjoyed and thought was cute was an idea that one of our 2nd grade teachers got our school started on.  She started it back in October and it's where classes can "Boo" each other.  Around Halloween we would "Boo" other classrooms by leaving a bag of candy at their classroom door.  Once your classroom has been picked, you put up your "We have been Booed!" sign.  So we did this again around Christmas and this time we "Elfed" each other.  The students loved picking which classroom they wanted to send candy to and "prank."  We have included pictures to help explain this whole idea better.  Thanks to our 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Cole for this cute and fun idea to do around the holidays. She sent out an email to all staff to explain how this worked and it was a lot of fun to include the students and have them play amongst each other.  Our students enjoyed getting the older students on the other hallway.  You can change this up and maybe use it for Valentines, any holiday, or really any excuse to prank other classrooms.  Hope that everyone enjoys their break!

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