Sunday, October 28, 2012

     This blogging stuff has definitely been harder than we expected. It has been super hard trying to find time to work on things for our TPT account and blog, plus do the normal ins and outs of first grade. BUT despite all the adversity, we finally made our first sale in Teachers Pay Teachers. Autumn created a Halloween inspired flipchart to go with Fact and Opinions. It looks fantastic. Go to our store and check out our first item and give us some feedback!

     Oh, all of you professional bloggers out there....does anyone know how I can make a preview for our flipcharts??? It kept coming up that the file was too big and I could not figure it out. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions! We appreciate all of your help and support. Hopefully we will more things up soon. We are working on an awesome Thanksgiving unit!

Our First Sale!
(Here is a preview of a 16 slide flipchart about Fact and Opinion)