Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Mrs. Webb

10 Things You Need To Know About Me!

1. I’m starting my 23rd year of teaching. How can that be since I’m only 29?! I started my teaching career as a Title I reading teacher, then moved to preschool as the Education Coordinator, and now I teach first grade. I have taught first grade for 8 years.

2. My husband is a 5th grade teacher and can you believe this…we teach at the same school! Yes this definitely makes for some very interesting days!

3. We have two daughters –Kayla and Holly! Both should graduate this year from college –YAH! I’m
also “Granny”to one very sweet, spoiled Maltese named Roxie Rae Marie!

4. I have a not so secret obsession with a mouse –that would be Mickey Mouse! My favorite vacation spot is Walt Disney World and I’m already counting the days till our next visit. 87 days and counting!!!

5. I’m just a teeny, tiny bit obsessive compulsive. Okay, maybe I’m a lot obsessive compulsive!

6. A few of my favorite things…Diet Dr. Pepper, NASCAR, Clemson Tigers, Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream, and the color green!

7. I’m an only child –enough said!

8. Something interesting about my childhood –My dad was a funeral director so sometimes I got to ride to school in a hearse and all the other kids thought it was cool. Me –not so much!

9. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of snakes! I won’t even look at cartoon snakes!

10. I’m absolutely hooked on reality shows! Especially Big Brother and The Amazing Race! Wish I had what it takes to do the Amazing Race but I’m way too much of a diva!

Holly, Kayla, Dee and I
C-L-E-M-S-O-N Tigers!!!
Our Girls

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